Sicon Construction

Innovative Construction solutions for Sage 200cloud
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Sicon Projects for Construction

Link Sage 200 sales and purchase orders, invoices and stock to Jobs and cost headings. Labour is captured in Projects via timesheets entry or via the Sicon WAP web based data entry solution.

Sicon Projects Period Enquiry

  • Sicon Projects Period Enquiry provides a month, YTD and job to date analysis of each job plus a month by month/period presentation of the job progress with options to include accruals and adjustments.

5 Level Job Structure

  • Sicon Projects captures costs and revenues for each job, phase, stage and sub stage. A flexible 5 level job structure allows detailed breakdown, budgeting and costing of jobs with simple reporting.

Record against jobs

  • Record stock issues, purchase orders, purchase invoices, labour, cash book and nominal costs against each job.

Sage 50 payroll interface

  • Link Cost Rate Descriptions to Pay Elements, allowing for a date driven export of timesheet information in a format that can be imported into Sage 50 Payroll

Cost at complete

  • Review and reforecast the expected remaining costs for a Project and track on a period-by-period basis

Revenue to complete

  • Review and reforecast the expected remaining revenue for a Project and track on a period-by-period basis


  • Collation of Project Budgets, Costs and Revenue, and forecast for a specific period, detailing current Period, year-to-date and overall Project Totals


Accredited solution handling the calculation, deduction, and submission requirements for both the HMRC and Irish Revenue. The CIS module can be purchased standalone or included as part of the Construction Suite (note: RCT requires Sicon Projects). Key features include:

  • Online Subcontractor verification

  • Online submission for returns

  • Production of Monthly CIS Statements

  • CIS Deductions can be configured based either on Nominal or Percentages

  • RCT Contracts are linked to the Project(s) and Sub-Contractor

  • CITB deductions are available

Applications & Valuations

Capture Customer or Supplier Applications, record the Valuation Certificate of these and post invoices, credit notes, payments and receipts. Key features include:

  • Nominal tracking of the full Application Process

  • Ability to recognise Revenue on Application prior to the Invoice being posted into Sage

  • Customer applications are processed within a dedicated applications module. Agreed valuations are recorded against each application and relevant invoices generated with detailed cumulative summary data.

  • Valuation Certificates to be allocated to multiple Applications where applicable

Construction Sales Orders

  • Generate a Contract/Sales Order that Applications can be drawn from, and Certificates matched against.

Sub-contractor Purchase Orders

  • Create a statement of works for a Sub-Contractor that can be matched to their Application and your Valuation Certificates


Record, track and release both Sales and Purchase Retentions. These can be retentions raised as part of the Application Process, or via standard Sage Purchase and Sales transactions. Key features include:

  • Option to cap retentions held from specific Suppliers

  • Retentions raised from Applications can be released at the Valuation stage

  • Retentions can be amended, part-released or written off

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